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One of the most environmentally
friendly fuels and convenient
present on the market.

The pellet is made up of small pressed wooden cylinders .

To produce a ton of pellets, 6 to 8 cubic meters of shavings and sawdust are required. The quality of these materials plays a decisive role for the pellets produced.

Various quality controls are necessary to ensure the requirements required on the market: from the preparation phase to the control of the finished product.

The pelletizing process does not need adhesives: the natural presence of lignin and cellulose ensures that, during pressing, these elements coat the wood fibers.

Quality is never random;
it is always the result of intelligent effort.

In addition, the addition of starch and flour facilitates pressing, ensuring the pellet's remarkable resistance to abrasion.

The energy consumption necessary for the production and distribution of the pellets corresponds to only 2.7% of the final energy, compared to 10% of methane and 12% of diesel.


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